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How to create wealth - Bahubali style

Bahubali has made all the movie goers and everybody in awe as nobody expected such a grand movie from  regional movie maker. The extravagant sets, dedication of actors, meticulous planning for more than 2 years on swords, bigger sets, dresses etc used in movie really needs a mark in history of Indian cinema. I was bogged down by the magnanimous of this film that i was able to compare it with some of the financial products & awareness required by the common man. It is always easy to explain a complex item or product with a story and hence we always start with a story with kids.


Creating wealth is not making money;


For most of them it is difficult to differentiate between making money and creating wealth. \


“Weath” from our google dictionary says as “the abundance of valuable possession or money”.


while “making money” is nothing but making additional money with what you have. While wealth is a long term process and requires great discipline, making money can be done easily even within a day. Many would have heard about people who had won lotteries earlier. Those who had won lots of money have lost all their money in a maximum period of 7 years. This is based on careful study of all those who had won. As they weren't accustomed of not having such a huge amount , they had lost slowly and completely.


Look at the people who are having money, they wont splash on unwanted items, they know on were to spend. They will spend to learn a course or attend a seminar rather than spending on a luxury holiday. 


If you are embarking on a journey either with a employer or as a business man or a entrepreneur, make sure you have a long term view on creating wealth rather short term quick money which can be used for short term happiness. 


Simply compare it with this movie, it had immense effort of planning from Director Rajamouli, producer and Prabhas. Though all the movies of Rajamouli have been huge hit, it is this movie were he had given so much of energy, time and huge production cost at stake. Planning of this movie had taken more than 2 years, with equal time given by Prabhas and Rana who had great scope in these movies to perform. There were many commercial potboilers from Telugu film industry which were remade in other languages, but this “EPIC” movie cannot be created in any language not because it is being released in all languages but by the huge effort put in by everyone.



Only the best product will survive tough times;


All the products and people will have its ups and downs, but the one that survives many such cycles are the true champions. When Apple was bogged down in computed category by its rival Microsoft and Steve jobs were ousted from his very own company, he didn't lose hope. He worked on new ideas, returned like champion at the helm of APPLE and made it as a global company with worth of more than 267 billion dollars. 


Can you imagine that, With such huge money, they can buy many countries in the world. They still remain at the top in smartphones and surging ahead with next wave of technologies. Similarly the products which can give more money and create wealth in the long run are,


  1. Real estate
  2. Gold
  3. Equity
  4. PPF


While Real estate and Gold has been the most trusted source of wealth creation across the world, but it has changed due to change in perspective of the need for separate space. Look at “AirBNB”, Uber etc they are top most companies in the startup world and they don't own anything and they are market place for finding what you need. gold reserves are coming down in the world and it can be a source of hedging and cannot give humongous return in the long run considering inflation. “Public Provident Fund” has been listed here as this is one of the source of many in India as their retirement corpus maker. Some add some amount via their banking account as well. All these products help in making money but the inflation will kill these products easily.


Equity is the ultimate financial asset which helps in creating wealth, we had seen several examples in our previous articles on how it had created in a span of 15 to 20 years itself. Remember that kids education, your retirement etc are all long term sources for wealth creation and it requires a product that can make it happen for you. We had seen may real estate moguls in each of your territory, but equity investors had made it to top of the world with the focus of creating wealth.


Our recent hero, “Ramesh Dasani” of D-mart, who was already a superstar in stock market world had become top richest person in India, just by listing his company in stock market. In single day he had amazed wealth of about 40,000 crores. Can you imagine by any other way you would have created wealth. His stock had doubled on its listing day which had happened only on few occasions earlier.


Now in this movie, who had expected in the initial few scenes that this kid will become future King of such a large emperor. Sivagami, the God mother had her tough times in bringing that kid down from such a higher place were that kingdom is located. If it is not for the toughness of the God mother and by being the kid of “Mahendra Bahubali” it wouldn't haven been possible.


So Remember this,


“Only tough products will survive during tough times and create Wealth, so Invest Wisely”




Your Financial Advisor;


Right from ancient kingdom there use to be a person who advises the King on many things right from looking after the plight of citizens, maintaining the coffer with enough money, strategising in expanding the kingdom etc. Even now our Prime Minister has so many ministries under him on administering these activities. 


Just on that line, is the financial advisor who helps in picking a right financial product which suits your need in short, mid and long term. His responsibilities not only lies in picking the right product but also in improving your lifestyle. His product recommendations must be fiduciary, meaning not biased as he gets good commission on few products.


The best example of such advisors are who had advised their clients to hold on to their investments during recession time in 2007-08. Stock Market has tumbled from the heights of 21000 to 8000 in a span of 6 months. Many had borrowed money and invested in sensex expecting higher returns in a short frame of time, all these people are new set of investors who were lured by the heights of sensex which claimed exponentially from 2003 until late 2007.


Few had invested in stock market via equity mutual funds during this time and few had got advise of holding on to their investments. These people had understood the power of equity when they had seen new heights from 2013 till 2014.

In this movie, it was the God mother, Sivagami who had held on to the kingdom when it was without one. She had raised both the kids without any biases and made them learn everything over the period of time. Right in the first scene, it was she who had held on to the kid of great Bahubali without which the movie wouldn't have started. Even when she had almost died, she had made sure the kid survives.


                  “Trust an advisor only if he is honest in making your Financial Plan”




Persistence Pays off in Investing;


Persistence pays off not only in achieving your dreams but also in Investing. The most mentioned word by great coaches around the world is that “Persistence and patience pays off”. 


It is just about believing in the power of something and practising it untill you achieve it.


I have come across many who just asks  “how much money should i Invest?” or “How much money will i make in 3 or 5 years?”


You will make money, but Don't  you want to create wealth ?, Don't you want to achieve goals in your life ?


Defining goals is easy, the most common goals can be 


1) Your kids education corpus

2) Your Retirement corpus

3) Your yearly vacation


Your Money Matters and all these are essential items in any one’s financial life and if not planned it is easy to take a loan which is easy to get. Remember the interest portion which you need to pay along with loan. One more point is all these are big corpus items and if you are a person who takes life as it comes, then you may need to work till your last breath.


Now in this movie, Shivudu or the Hero longs to climb that steep mountain, the way he climbs have been portrayed beautifully to show how steep and difficult it is. He had tried and failed but dent gave up the hope off climbing it. Finally it is a mask with which he tries to climb again to just see the face behind that mask. As he had done it numerous times, just an extra energy makes it possible this time. His persistence urge to climb the mountain to see what exist there at the top makes it possible.


    “Make your money to work until it exists not you working for it until your last breath”




Planning and execution is equally important;


It is always meticulous planning which makes the execution easy, If you are working on anything without preparation it wont be successful. Most of you would have prepared for your exams and may be in rare occasion you would have not prepared and failed in that exam. So preparation is more important. Another best example can be raising a home. Either it is Individual home, flat or any building structure requires careful planning in the initial phase. Building development phase is equally important as any miss in this phase can damage the entire building. Some of the structure could not be altered at later stage.


Most of you may start investing and withdraw when the returns are not satisfactory or not able to understand the nuances of how that investment works. Best one is ULIP policies which were sold like hot cakes from 2006 till the market crash happened. There were huge charges which were not told to the customer and hence during market crashes, it had eaten the returns very quickly. Nobody had seen erosion of wealth in short span of time. only the few who had planned and invested via SIP and continued their investment had made fortune in the next few years, if you are one of the many who had withdrawn during that tough time then you would have lost that board. This just means that you haven't planned for tough times and didn't plan well in advance. 


In this movie it is careful and meticulous planning by each and every person. The cameraman, Art director, artists etc who had worked in this movie knows that this movie is once in a lifetime opportunity and though they may get something like this n future this will be the first and foremost which will make a mark in the history. Prabhas had given his 4 years in his life for this movie and he had increased and decreased his weight in this period. It is a huge risk taken by the person who can earn quite easily without putting in such huge effort.




The Beginning;


Though this is conclusion part in this blog, i couldn't conclude as there is lots of lessons that can be learned from this movie still. Aim of this blog is to use Bahubali movie in explaining the nuances of Creating wealth, Concept of Financial planning, Continuous investing during tough times. Look after any Management college in the world, i don't think it will help you in making you plan for your wealth. 


All these studies of Bachelors, Masters & even Doctorates at times makes you to earn a job which puts you in top 1% in the world income pyramid, but if you know to make your money work for you, then you can be at top of the world ! ! !


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