Our Concept

  • Our Concept

    Save Meagerly     /     Invest Earnestly     /     Spend lavishly

    Save a meager amount, depends on how much you need in future.

    Invest earnestly, depends on the investment avenue chosen.

    Spend lavishly, if future is secured with savings and investments.

  • Here is what we offer for better financial life

  • Mutual Fund

    Free consultation on mutual funds.

    Free Mutual fund account opening.

    Assessment of your risk profile.

    Wide range to choose among the best.

  • Insurance

    Free consultation on Insurance.

    Free protection assessment.

    Needed insurance for life.

    Wide range to choose among the best.

  • Secondary market bonds

    Free consultation on Investing in Bonds.

    Capital appreciation over long term.

  • Financial Design or Financial Plan

    This is an exclusive feature which we offer to you,

    • Free consultation on Personal finance
    • We assess your risk taking ability
    • We assess your investments made till now
    • We assess your risk protection you have
    • We draw your future goals along with you
    • We list the investments needed to reach your goals
    • We list the risk protection needed through insurance
    • We help you in getting any loans needed
    • Finally we provide ‘Your Financial Design’ presentation
  • How we do?

    We operate by 4 WE’s. We Hear, We Care, We prepare, We Oversee

    We Hear

    - Here we hear to your financial life, take you through the necessary elements of money to lead a wealthy, healthy life.

    We Care

    - Here we assess your needs and future goals, will check your needs based on available current investment. We help you on the available investment avenues and returns to assess your risk profile. We provide you a detailed analysis on continuing with current investments and attaining future goals.

    We prepare

    - Here we provide you with the detail plan to mitigate current risk if exists any, clarify your doubts in implementing your financial plan or design.

    We Oversee

    - Here after implementing all your recommendations we oversee your complete portfolio for a year to overcome any drastic changes in investments.

    We are waiting becuase Your Money Matters…Keep Growing