Daniel Manickaraj, Chennai

Feel safe. You are in the right hands. I am telling from my experience. Got acquainted with Ganesan around 3 years back, initially he has helped me in some basic doubts like every other I.T guy have on how to save income tax & returns filing. Later I got to know more about equities, mutual funds which gave me confidence to invest a part of my savings. What I knew about saving monies or rather an investment are jewels, land & fixed deposits. But it’s not that alone, there are lot of opportunities available, got exposure on those from him. The new start-up “Your-money-matters.in” has helped me and few of my friends in terms of managing their money for better returns and saving for the future. The advice that we receive from this, is about investing your money wisely, also where not to. Yes, we have a lot of information on the internet and several financial advisors also. But I feel that here it quiet transparent without much of a financial jargons and we are not kept under blanket about whats happening around. We get enough guidance and response for our queries with much patience. What really impressed is that he explains every small doubt also with patience when it comes to financial advice with fellow feeling. He understands what we are capable of and gives assistance. WAY TO GO !!!

Narasimhan Ranganathan, Chennai

"Income - Expenditure = Savings" or "Income - Savings = Expenditure". This is an excellent thought, while this still stays at thought level for my kind of people, wherein needs rigorous application. While old age savings methodologies was well present amongst the previous generations, the power of compounding through proper financial planning / investments at various sectors like MF, Share market etc., is at a great level with the new age savings for this generation, to middle and upper middle class to be more particular. A much needed awareness on this not so explored area for my kind of people working in corporates. Thank you from heart Mr. Ganesan Thirunavukkarasu for taking this much needed initiative and helping people.

Arun Raja, Bangalore

I have been investing only in Bank deposits and ULIP’s, had several Insurance policies, Thanks to Yourmoneymatters came to know what is Investment and Insurance. Now I have covered my family with proper insurance protection and started investment in Mutual fund for my future.

Divakar, Vellore

I have opted for complete financial planning solution from yourmoneymatters and am completely satisfied with the way they are operating. All my doubts are clarified and solutions were provided based on my income.

Yuvaraj, Tirupur

I have been working in various companies and cities and got this yourmoneymatters introduced thru my friend, I must thank both of them for bringing in discipline regarding finance in my life. I have opted for complete financial planning for my future and am sure of reaching the goals with ease.