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    Insurance is for risk protection rather than showing it for tax saving purposes. A single premium paid for traditional policy will not make you rich, but the same amount if insured for health, critical illness and term policy will provide you and your family a very much a necessary risk protection and prevent any deeper erosion in your wealth.

    Some of the points that may creep in our mind for each of the important insurance policies,

    Term Insurance - Why should I pay, without getting any returns and the sum assured when I am not there, Pure Risk protection

    Health Insurance - Why should I pay if I am fit and healthy, Protection from cost of medical field

    Personal accident cover – Why should I pay if I am driving safely, Protection from other fools driving on the road and any mishap in life

    Critical Insurance – What is this? A very nominal amount to protect your hard earned wealth, in a world where we cannot say am immune to critical diseases

    Motor Insurance – As it is regulated by law, each one of us will take this for sure.

    ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Plan is not just an insurance policy. It is a bundle that is created by the insurance providers the advantages of insurance besides usage as an investment.

    And the final point that may stop you from getting insured is the money part as these insurance policies does not have any maturity value, but it gives complete protection to your family.

    We will show you how to recover the amount used in these insurance policies with a better investment plan and without worrying about the maturity amount of these insurance policies, please contact us by clicking here.


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