There is a Mutual Fund for every need.

Mutual Funds are a savings Instrument regulated by SEBI. Mutual fund companies take care of Investing and managing your money.

We take care to identify the right mutual fund for the right purpose.

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What kind of Mutual Fund to Choose ?

Debt Based Mutual Funds

Save with Debt funds for your immediate emergency needs and whenever you want to withdraw 

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Equity Based Mutual Funds

Equity funds will help you to get more returns and achieve your financial goals.

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Hybrid & Sectoral Mutual Funds

Hybrid and Sectoral funds helps to achieve greater returns.This is not for everyone.

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Invest in gold through mutual funds without any attachment and sell when ever needed easily.

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Who can invest in Mutual Funds


If you are a teenager, get into the habit of savings and understanding power of compounding.

Employees / Business Owner

If you had started your career, save for your Big days and buying a car or bike.


If you are just married, invest for your family goals and Retirement.


If you are just retired, to manage your money and make it grow in safer manner.


Mistakes people make while Investing in Mutual Funds

Delaying Investing

& Not investing based on financial goals.

Not understanding how economy works

& Investing only based on past data.

Not understanding how money compounding works

& Withdrawing because of market condition.

Following Others

& Choosing Sectoral fund without any Idea.

Not understanding the risk and reward in market investments

& Being very safe in choosing the fund.


Arun Prasath

I approached Ganesan for my financial portfolio planning and right from day 1, he was very professional and was able to guide on the right approach. He committed the time line to assess/discuss my current stand and was able to propose solution based on the needs. He not only provides solution but also have trainings to pass the knowledge he gained to empower people in the financial domain. If you are looking for personal financial analysis, he is the best person to go!! Thanks ganesan, looking forward to work with you in future too!

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The best & most trust worthy advisor you would ever find. Out right honest and up to the point. Ganesan Thiru has been guiding me for the past 5 years. I feel the freedom absolutely. If you are lucky enough, you will be guided by him. No short cuts, Complete transparency. I have at least referred him to 10 friends of mine. Seek Thiru.Ganesan’s guidance and feel the absolute sense of freedom. Thanks Ganesan for all the support and guidance. God bless you!

Location - IN (Review Source - Trustpilot)

Bhagyalakshmi Vinodh

This is a very tiny step but feels really great.
Owing to unavoidable circumstances i fell into a lot of debt .. Covid only added more to it..i was taking new loans to pay existing loans..During lock down i attended his course online.. And that made me determined to close all debts within 1 year. Also in his fb page he consistently motivates us by posting questions. I almost closed one of my credit cards with just my income.. As i said earlier this amount mite be small.. But it has given me enough energy to believe that i can close all. Loans and credit cards soon.. Thanks a lot ganesan sir..
Location - IN (Review Source - Trustpilot)

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