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    Mutual fund is one of the best money making avenue if invested based on your risk appetite. In reality many who had chosen ULIP as an investment option thinks it as Mutual fund, so sad that both are entirely different.

    Mutual fund is the fun way to invest not worrying about the ups and downs of stock market in short term as we are looking @ long term returns. Mutual funds based on its themes invest in group of companies and it is effectively managed by a fund manager and over all this is regulated by AMFI and SEBI. Not only stocks, they invest even in government bonds, treasury bills, company deposits and fixed deposits.

    Do you know where the bank deposits are invested, but in mutual fund it clearly states the holdings for every month. You don’t need any expertise to invest in mutual fund but an expert advisor is very much needed to suggest a fund for you based on your needs and risk appetite.

    Adventure is not only about the unknown place we visit or the mind blowing thrilling activities; it is just “Doing the new”.

    We are here to hear you and advise you to invest based on your needs and goals if exists any in near term or we can suggests you to invest for long term wealth appreciation.


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